iPhone MMS Already Works For AT&T Users On Jailbroken Devices

Now, i bet you’ve seen over the time a shit load of articles on why you should consider jailbreaking your iPhone or iTouch. So why should you consider jailbreking your iPhone?

  • practical reasons like , you could video record way before 3Gs was out and tethering/mms way they Apple thought that they should make this features available
  • for puerile reasons like themes and…
  • Apple is being anti-competitive and they are pretty much trying to make a close platform out of the iPhone.

FSMdotCOM informed you yesterday that AT&T will make MMS available for the iPhone on September 25th. A FSMdotCOM reader just sent us an e-mail letting us know that MMS is working for him on the AT&T network, but with the help of a patch from the sinful iphone repo. Unfortunately the is currently down. Here is what he told us in the email and a couple of screenshots:

Aiight bro. Here’s the story. After I heard the date for mms being later this month, I decided to re-install the patch from sinfuliphone for mms & tethering. It put the little camera on my sms, but it still didn’t work. I ended up deleting the patch from my iphone around 6pm last night.

I got home, looked at my wife’s iphone around 9pm because she received a mms from her cousin. I was shocked there was an image in here sms. Now, her phone has had the patch from sinfuliphone for a while. I never deleted it. So, I used her phone to send an MMS. Usually, the send bar gets about 95% of the way, then gives you an error…NOT THIS TIME!!! It went through. I confirmed that my brother received. it. I immediately tried to re-download the patch from the sinfuliphone repo to my phone, but the repo isn’t working neither is his sight. So I wasn’t able to send the message from my wife’s phone to my iphone, it is sending from hers to others. here are a few screenshots. I can take more if u need.

The repo that has the patch is currently down, but you can keep trying to add it: repo.sinfuliphone.com/ . Repo for the MMS patch: http://www.sinfuliphone.com/repo/ ( thx Glitch)