AT&T: Free Unlimited Calls With A-List People

AT&T comes with a promotional offer for their customers called A-List. With A-List you can add up to 10 favorite numbers and talk as much as you want without any fee.

  • Individual plans 900+ minutes ($59.99 and over) per month, and FamilyTalk plans 1400+ minutes ($89.99 and over) per month qualify for A-List
  • No extra charge with your qualifying plan
  • Add up to 5 numbers on your individual plan
  • Add up to 10 numbers on your FamilyTalk plan
  • Add any domestic number, on any network – including landline numbers
  • Together with Rollover® (already included in most AT&T plans), you’ll save the minutes you would have used
  • Update your list online as often as you want, right from your myWireless Account

For more information you can visit AT&T’s Web site.