Google: Syncing Desktop and Mobile Search History

After announcing that Google finally brought push Gmail for iPhone users, now its time to let you know that Google now syncs desktop and mobile search History.

To try this make sure you are signed in to the same Google Account on your desktop and mobile. Also note that Web History needs to be enabled for your Google Account.

Today in the US we’re launching Personalized Suggest for Android, iPhone and Palm WebOS, which makes it really easy to repeat your past searches on the go. For example, suppose that before I depart for the airport, I quickly check my flight status by searching for “american airlines 19” using on my computer. Later, as I am hailing a taxi in rush hour traffic, I can open on my phone, click in the search box, and choose “american airlines 19” from the list of search suggestions!

For more information read Google’s blog.

PS: speaking of Google, can anybody hook me up with a Google Wave invitation? If so, please contact me via the contact for at the very top of the site. Much appreciated