AppuloHa1l and Ferociousbird: Nothing But A Big FAKE

We already told you that the Chronic DevTeam called their bluff and we also presented 3 reasons why we think they are fake. We hoped that they were legit and release this super tool, but that wasnt the case.

picture credits: fakestencils

We dont want to waste anymore space, so we will keep this short. Basically this should be a tool for Mac, Windows and Linux capable to unlock all iPhone including the ones with updated baseband, in just 23 seconds.

This was all a stupid joke, and we are ashamed that we wasted your times and maybe gave you any sorts of hope. If you are following them on twitter, i would like to ask you to unfollow them. Do not let them spam you anymore and tell them to go F themselves.

The only true jailbreaking tool for all iDevices is blackra1n. Some issues with the RC1. Please read about it here