Chronic DevTeam: AppuloHa1l Is Fake!

A couple of days ago we told you about AppuloHa1l a upcoming jailbreaking tool for Mac, Windows AND Linux. Since then the new devteam posted a picture of a jailbroken iTouch that mounts the new 3.1.2 firmware.

Chronic DevTeam says that AppuloHa1l is nothing but a fake, and they got no exploits what so ever. The image you see above is nothing but the result of an easy job in Photoshop. According to a test by a designer friend of mine, they used Photoshop CS4 on the picture above.

The dudes did use an image editing software, and you can tell that by just looking at the photo. If you can see the serial number is blurred out. So the accusations of Chronic are not 100% on the money. On the other hand they could just be yet another site that is looking for its 15 minutes of internet fame like Blacksn0w.

Im not saying that this is fake or not, but a couple of days ago when i asked them for screenshots they told me that they dont have the UI and also they claim they got beta testers and the feedback they got from the testers is amazing. Anybody knows who this beta testers are? Did you test AppuloHa1l? Really dont know what to think, but according to them the due day is tomorrow so , i guess will see…

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Later edit:

Now its time for GeoHot and iH8sn0w to attack appuloha1l: