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Theory: Three Reasons Why AppuloHa1l Is Fake

Yesterday we told you that the Chronic DevTeam called AppuloHa1l fake . They said the picture that AppuloHa1l posted is nothing but the result of photo editing software, which is true, but not quite a strong reason to prove they are fake.We dont want to call it fake, but something strange caught our attention, and we tend to believe it is fake and they are just looking for visibility on the internet…

Reason 1

Nobody knew about them since a couple of days ago, when FSMdotCOM posted an article about them. Yes, we were the first to break the news. At the time , if you googled “appuloha1l” you would come up with only 2 SERPS: their twitter account and the article on FSMdotCOM.

At the time they were only following a handful of people ( if im not mistaken around 6-8 people ) , and i was one of them. I followed them back ( they only had like 3 followers at the time ) so i can DM back and forth with them. Pretty much they were just a John Doe at the time. A couple of days later, they gained a couple of thousands of followers, and surprise surprise they only follow 12. I am not one of them.

Dont even care if they follow me or not BUT… this is for psychological results only. They are only following their account, maybe a couple of friends and geohot,musclenerd and chronic dev team. If you pay attention to any of those twitter account ( doesent matter if is geohot, musclenerd or chronic etc.) they only follow each other and some friends/family.So why they should be any different. People will think they are important, and they only roll in small trusted circles ; like a secret society maybe?!?!

Reason 2

Since they gained some popularity ( you are welcome appuloha1l 😛 ) ( sorry if this is fake, its our responsibility to report things like this to you guys ) they are running an aggressive guerrilla marketing for their tool on twitter. Im no stranger when it all breaks down to marketing, and i cant agree more ( or less ) with their approach of promoting themselves BUT ( theres always a but )… if you pay close attention to GeoHot for example, he always updates his status on his own work. They are just aggressively  promoting something that nobody even tested/seen/smelled/tasted ( again, did you test their tool? do you know anybody that did? we want proof not words… )

Now, dont think about this in marketing terms or what ever. Think about this in real life terms. When somebody brags about anything too much, but they dont actually back up their shit… they usually lie.

Even worst, they bragged that a iPodTouch Fans moderator was “literally BAGGING” them for a test drive. First of all, really dudes “BAGGING”?? – strong word – second of all, really doubt that he was “BAGGING”, maybe asked you, and third of all why didnt you let him test your tool?!?!?!

Reason 3

Not only that they are the new cats that promised huge things, but they also they also start to mock the old skool players that we all know and love. Rookie mistake fellas, they might take it as a joke, but this will have an impact on the community. At the end of the day, they are the ones that will use your tool. With this kind of behavior,  you’ll exit the scene as fast as you entered, because well… no offense, but you act like a jerk and nobody cares…

My guess is that, by patronizing the pioneers, they will let their followers know that they are superior or at least their equal.

Again, this is just a theory, and they seems pretty much full of it to me but we still dont want to say that we are 100% sure a fake. They said that they will release the tool 3 hours early at 5PM PST on Sunday. We still hope that this is true and will rock our world. What do you think?