This Year,Adobe Will Bring 2 Millions Flash Developers To The iPhone Appstore

Why Apple won’t allow flash on the iPhone, is a mystery. They always blame it on technical reasons but Adobe has been addressing most of those issues to the point that Flash now works fine on Android. But the thing is you can’t be a gatekeeper for ever, and Adobe won’t wait for Apple’s blessing anymore. This year they will bring around 2 million flash developers to the iPhone platform…

Back in October we told you that Adobe released several flash apps in the appstore, and we also talked about Flash Pro CS5 which allows developers to use Flash technologies to develop content for iPhone and iPod Touch devices that were previously closed to them.

Actually that is Adobe’s secret: CS5. Currently in private beta, the suite will include “Packager for iPhone” , which automagically convert any flash app into an iPhone app. Because of this, Adobe will enrich the iPhone platform with around 2 million developers ( at the moment there are around 125,000 iPhone app developers ) . Of course there will be a flood of iPhone apps, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. Let’s face it, most of the apps in the iPhone store are pure crap.

Although flash is a web-standard for video, CS5 won’t bring the ability to play a video in MobileSafari. You will still have to exit the browser and open a separate Quicktime player.