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iTunes Trick: Detailed iPhone and iPod Statistics

Just because it’s right there in front of you and it can be as easy as a mouse click, it doesn’t mean it’s obvious as well. We just got an email from somebody that was trying to figure out how much space all the apps takes on his iPhone.

He sent us a list of all the apps installed on the iDevice, and asked us if we have any idea about how much space do they take. Yeah… we kinda have a life. It would be ridiculously sad if we knew that. But theres a hidden feature in iTunes ( that personally i discovered by mistakes… like all great things ) that does that for you.

Do you recognize the picture above? Yeah of course you do. Now if you click on it , you will get more detailed information about what is taking up space on your iDevice. This doesn’t work just with the iPhone and iTouch. It works with older iPods too. So knock yourselves out…