Infinidock: Scroll Horizontally In The Dock [video]

Chpwn ( ProSwitcher dev ) released today, one of the craziest iPhone tweaks ever: Infinidock. The tweak can be found in Cydia Store and it costs .99 cents. Once you install the app, you are good to go. That means that you can add as many icons as you wish in the dock , and scroll horizontally ( just like you do with Springboard pages ) to view and access theme.

The app has no icon on your Springboard, but it has a settings menu. In the settings menu, you can set how many apps you like to have / page in the dock. You can go from 1 to 10 apps ( crazyyy!!! 5 apps is the perfect amount )

Check the video below and see the app in action:

Later edit: Stack v3 is fully compatible with Infinidock now. We just need to wait for chpwn to push the update.

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