WWDC09: Disappointment. iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0

First day of WWDC09  is over. We all waited this day , and we waited for some new exciting iPhone news. The keynote was pretty boring and disappointing. They presented the iPhone OS 3.0 which was really boring because they pretty much said everything they said before, and on the hardware part…. ohh man…. that is dissapointing: same look, VGA camera and pretty much not really worth upgrading.For all of you US users, AT&T is pretty lame and its screwing with your emotions. iPhone OS 3.0 brings us MMS, but you wont be able to use it till later this summer.

iPhone OS 3.0

They started by talking about stuff we already know like: copy-cut-paste which works across apps; landscape keyboard works in email, notes, and messages , MMS; you can search calendars, music, notes and email etc. Read about all this here.

They also said that AT&T will be ready for MMS later this summer. ( FAIL! ).iTunes to allow rental and purchase of movies from the iPhone and you can play TV shows, music videos and audio books over 3G.Support for iTunes U as well.

Apple will enhance Parental Controls are enhanced as well, with control over movies, TV shows and apps.Parents can limit their child to G or PG movies, or Apps from the App Store that are age appropriate.


Tethering allows you to share you iPhone internet connection with a PC.This works on Macs or PCs, over USB or Bluetooth. This has 22 carrier support and will support it in various countries. No AT&T at launch.


Support for HTTP streaming audio and video. Bitrate and data quality adjust to connection speed. Autofill allows you to optionally remember usernames and passwords. All these new features are making the iPhone browser more like the PC/Mac browser, which we like.Contact information from your phone works in autofill, too.


They’re adding Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Greek and Korean. They support more than 30 languages in iPhone 3.0 . Every one of these languages has portrait and landscape keyboards.

Find My iPhone (new feature)

Find My iPhone is a “service” that’s available to MobileMe customers. Through mobileme, any web browser will show you, on a map, where your phone is. You can message your iPhone, alerting it “whether or not you left it in silent mode.” You can also send it a remote wipe command (previously not available to everybody) and will erase all your data and keep your private data private.


In App Purchase first. You can use it in magazine subscriptions to renew your magazine, or buy additional game packs for your games.Business terms for in-app purchase are the same as App Store purchases, a 30-70 cut. This is for paid apps only, free apps remain free for the lifetime of the app (no possible in-app purchase to trick you).There’s Peer to Peer support, too. Peer to Peer can automatically find another player in close proximity and connect your seamlessly.


In iPhone 3.0, hardware accessory devs can build true companion accessories. One of the applications to use accessories that was announced in the iPhone 3.0 event was the OneTouch glucose monitor.


Google maps can go into any app. “You get everything you expect.” That includes panning and zooming, current location, and turn by turn direction support.

Push Notification

Basically they were showing the exact same thing as before. Read about this here.

Right after the presentation of the API and told us how amazing is the new SDK, some iPhone developers got on stage and present their new apps that they were working on.( Gameloft, Airstrip Technologies, ScrollMotion, TomTom, ngmoco, Pasco, Zipcar,Line 6 and Planet Waves)

NOTE1: This is the first navigational turn-by-turn on the app store. They’re bringing both applications and accessory integration to the iPhone.Their app is super minimal, huge icons. You click one big icon, it leads to another set of big icons. It takes you to a route map that…honestly…looks a little small for the iPhone’s screen. But then you enter a standard-looking turn by turn interface with a canned female voiceover.

NOTE2: iPhone OS 3.0 will be free for all iPhone customers. $9.95 for iPod touch.Available worldwide June 17.Paid developers in the iPhone developer program will get the GM Seed today.

For Devs: Go to iTunes connect and assign a parental control for your app, and then download iPhone 3.0 and test your apps with it. Make sure your apps are compatible.

iPhone 3GS

Launching messaging is 2.1x faster, loading SimCity is 2.4x faster, viewing Excel 3.6x faster, loading NY Times 2.9x faster.The 3GS now supports OpenGL|ES. It also supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA.

New features include a new camera. The new 3GS includes a 3MP autofocus camera. Low light sensitivity is also improved.Autofocus brings in Auto Macro as well, as close as 10cm away. The new iPhone camera also captures video. 30FPS VGA with auto focus, auto white balance and auto exposure.( VGA?!?! bleah ).You can also trim video with “the tap of a finger.” And, of course, you can share the video in an email or MMS. YouTube or MobileMe.( AT&T FAIL!!! )

Voice Control (you know that feature that phones ( not so smart ones ) did and do for years? )

Hold down the Home button. A waveform appears on the screen. You can say “call XXX” . You can also control “Genius” with “Play more songs like this” which  is yet another Voice Control option.

Built-In Digital Compass

It shows your orientation, longitude and latitude, and can link right to Google maps – which will orient to the way you are facing.

Nike+ support

Zooming, inverting audio, panning audio, it all comes included.

Hardware Encryption

It offers an instantaneous data wipe. And this encryption is included in iTunes, too.

Improved battery life

The 3G got 6 on Wi-Fi, 7 on Video, 24 on Audio, 10 on 2G talk and 5 on 3G talk. 3gS gests 9 on Wi-Fi, 10 on video, 30 on audio, 12 on 2g talk and 5 on 3g talk.


  • $199 is 16GB version (white and black)
  • $299 is 32GB version. (white and black)
iPhone 3G will stay on the market for $99
The iPhone 3GS is available June 19th.