GTA ChinaTown Wars Coming To The iPhone and iTouch

iPhone OS 3.0 will bring us some pretty sweet apps and games. Especially in the game department, where the new iPhone SDK will let devs monetize like they couldnt before, from right within the game. Gameloft just announced that they will bring Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars to the iPhone and iTouch in late October – early November this year.

ChinaTown Wars has received high marks from the media and is considered one of the best Nintnendo DS games. So this will be a higly anticipated game in the iPhone/iTouch world.

Grand Theft Auto has been in long development, this game will be a port from the Nintendo DS. Rockstar Games has given us the licensing right to have this game be ported. The release date for this game will be around October 2009/ early November 2009. All though this is a port, there will be improved graphics, screen size distortion, and the controls being altered. Profanity and violence will be changed a tad bit.

The video above is a review of the Nintendo DS version by GameSpot. But you will get a feel of the game, if you are not familiar with it. It might also get a graphics facelift on the iPhone and iTouch.