No Video Camera, Voice Control and Compass for iPhone 3G

So, the “big” news from Apple regarding iPhones pretty much got everybody pissed off. The new iPhone OS 3.0 is amazing, which is not the case for the new iPhone 3GS. But Apple is pretty much forcing you to upgrade , IF you want to get some of the sweet features that the new iPhone OS 3.0 brings and you were waiting for such a long time :Built-in video camera with editing, Voice Control and Compass

For video editing, its pretty self explanatory because you need a faster processor for that, but for voice control and compass?!?! Here’s a thought Apple, how about letting the 3G users to video record and not let them edit. And don’t go like “ohh… but thats too hard to do” because you can pull that off. Make the software recognize the chipset model inside the phone and based on that the user will have some features available and some of them not. I dont know, just a thought…

I am quite curious about how this new iPhone 3GS will go. From what i see so far, pretty much everybody is pretty sad/disseminated/angry.What about you? Will you upgrade?