When you got a technological jewel like the iPhone, of course you kinda take at least half of your computer everywhere you go. RSS is part of our everyday life. Everybody is using it. Well it makes it easier for everybody. Instead of going hunting for news, the news are coming to us.

So , since i got my iPhone i found at least 7 or 8 RSS aggregator app for the iPhone. And of course , i didn’t have the patience to try them all. I had installed azRSS which is a decent app , but tonight i found something better. It’s called Web Feeds. I can tell you all the blablabla info about the app that the developers provide, ( you can read that in the itunes link below ).

So , to keep this short and informative…. what this app can do? Well…. :

  • Landscape view
  • Similar to SMS or MAIL , it displays the no. of unread feeds on springboard icon
  • W/Out switching to Safari : summary view or website view
  • Searches for RSS feeds for you with a URL ex: www.funkyspacemonkey.com

BY THE WAY : if we are talking here about RSS , check out the RSS ( orange ) icon on the right side of the screen 😀 😉

Buy this app from iTunes for $1.99   here

Download webfeed.ipa file here

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