So the thing is :

I DONT LIKE TAP TAP REVENGE. I think it’s stupid, like i think that DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION is stupid. But i have been ask to help out ( im not telling who 😛 ) in searching this special edition of TAP TAP REVENGE : NINE INCH NAILS EDITION . So i did, and basically with no effort at all , i found the .ipa file and everybody was happy. Well just that person, but im sharing this with all of you now, so everybody will be happy.

So apparently this is the first-ever special edition of Tap Tap Revenge, featuring 16 tracks from the last two Nine Inch Nails albums, The Slip and Ghosts I-IV.

In the iTunes store you will find this line in the description of the app : ” Whether you are a Nine Inch Nails fan or just love Tap Tap Revenge, you will love this game! ” … well i am , somehow , a NIN fan, but i still dont like this game.

Anyway, you don’t care about this, you just want the game…. and i agree! Below you will find the links : to buy it from iTunes or to download the cracked .ipa version. Happy tapping

Buy it from iTunes for $4.99 here

Download cracked .ipa file from here ( thanx to sni8per8 ) ( password : THXsni8per8 )