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Do you like anime? I know you do, i know that you watch anime all the time. How would you like to watch anime on the go? All you need is a iPhone, a 3G/WiFi connection and you good to go. All anime episodes are available for direct streaming (no download or iTunes needed) to your iPhone or other 3G/wiFi devices is needed to view these video.

Well when i said that all you need is a iPhone, i lied. Since all files are in .mp4 format it is compatible with many different mobile devices. These are just several phones compatible with Mobile Anime: AT&T Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPod Touch, Verizon LG Voyager, LG Dare, LG EnV2, Samsung Alias, Samsung Glyde, Sprint Samsung Instinct, Tmobile HTC G1, & more! Mobile Anime is also compatible with the PSP.

The good thing : You can always watch your favorite anime no matter where you are.

The bad thing : they offer some samples but if you want more you will have to subscribe for $7.99 / month.

If you are interesed, you can check the details/ how / where / when and all the info here .