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Simple Metronome: First iPhone App Built With Adobe Flash CS5

A couple of months ago Adobe released a few Flash based iPhone apps in the Appstore, and this year they will bring around 2 million Flash developers to the iPhone platform. This is possible thanks to their Flash Pro CS5 that will include “Packager for iPhone” , which automagically convert any flash app into an iPhone app.

Currently, CS5 is in private beta and Simple Metronome is one of the first applications available in the AppStore to use this technology.As you can easily guess from the name, this app is a metronome, instrument used by some performing musicians for practice in maintaining a consistent tempo; it gives composers an approximate way of specifying the tempo.

The apps is well executed, free and open source. The code of the project will be officially published as soon as Adobe will release Flash CS5. Check it out in the appstore.