Uncle Jason Spoils Today’s Apple Event With Specific Spec Details About The Tablet

Jason Calacanis is a person i admire and i have a great deal of respect for. Some of you might know him serial web entrepreneur, founder of Weblogs, Inc., co-founder of TechCrunch50 and CEO of search engine Mahalo (amongst others), and some of you might know him as the guy that told Apple fanboys to go F*** themselves. Calacanis claims he has been given a tablet by Apple ten days ago, adding “For background: apple asked me to do press tomorrow on cnbc, cnn, etc.” and he might just have spoiled today’s event for us.

Calacanis’ impressions:

  • it’s “the most amazing device ever”
  • it’s “really amazing for newspapers”
  • video conferencing is “super stable”
  • battery life is “great” when it comes to reading ebooks but not so great (2-3 hours) in Wi-Fi mode or when playing games
  • tailor-made games are “sick”, on Wii level
  • the customized Farmville app (which Jobs is going to demo tomorrow with the CEO of the company behind it) is “insane”

Functions and features:

  • OLED screen
  • solar pad for recharging on the back (the device is mainly battery-powered)
  • the tablet is running on an iPhone OS variation
  • it can run multiple apps at the same time
  • it has thumb pads on each side (for mouse gestures)
  • fingerprint verification (up to 5 profiles can be registered on one device)
  • HDTV tuner, a PVR and a chess game built-in
  • back camera and front camera (quote: “u shoot what’s in front of you + yourself. Augmented video conferncing!”)
  • wireless keyboard + monitor connection for external monitors

Availability and price:

  • the tablet will be offered by Verizon and ATT
  • it will cost $599, $699 or $799, depending on the screen size and internal memory

If most of this is true, i will be very impressed about this tablet, and i will buy one for sure. But I highly doubt that Apple will release such a device stright from v1.0. Are you kidding me??!!? Look at this specs.

Personally I’m not sold nor blinded by this mystical device. Is it a great deal? Hell yeah!!! Am I excited? Not yet! Just a few more hours until the massive hypnosis sessions begins. Will you join us?

[via CrunchGear]