HOW TO: Save Your AppleTV SHSH Blobs

We showed you how to save your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad’s SHSH blobs, now it’s time we suggest you save your AppleTV’s blobs. There’s no secret that AppleTV runs on iOS 4.1, SHAtter can jailbreak it, and we even told you that the new Apple gadget is set up for installing applications.

Since there’s no OS update for the AppleTV, we’re not sure if it will automatically update itself over the air, or it will prompt you that ‘a new update is available’ – therefore you can choose to update or not. An OS update will obviously remove your jailbreak, but if that happens, you can always downgrade to a previous release if you have your blobs saved. Let’s see how to save them…

1. Download TinyUmbrella ( Mac, Windows and Linux )

2. Load it and connect your AppleTV via a microUSB cable

3. Now select ‘Advanced Option’. Your ECID number should already be there, and make sure ‘Location’ is set to ‘Cydia’

4. Now just click on ‘Save My SHSH’ and wait a few seconds ( around 4-5 seconds )

5. That’s it. Done deal…