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HOW TO: Use TinyUmbrella To Save Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad’s SHSH Blobs

Since Apple dropped iOS 4.1 beta 1, and everybody told you to save your SHSH blobs, we got quite a few emails asking us how to do it. If you are not a new iDevice user, or new to the “dark side” , then you know what firmware umbrella and tinytss is.  If you don’t here you go:

  • Umbrella – The tool simply performs the same challenge request that iTunes does during an iDevice restore. The difference is that it saves the results in a single shsh file. This file will give you the ability, to restore back to a previous firmware indefinitely
  • TinyTSS – is a small java app that acts as your very own signature service.When iTunes verifies your restore for your iDevice, it ‘phones home’ to see if you are allowed to restore to the version you are requesting. With TinyTSS + the shsh blob file(s) you obtained with Umbrella, you will be able to restore to the version of those shsh files forever!
  • TinyUmbrella – merge the two tools described above

NOTE: TinyUmbrella will save your SHSH blobs even if your iOS devices is not jailbroken.

How to save your SHSH blobs:

1. Download TinyUmbrella ( Mac and Windows )

2. Load it and connect your iOS device

3. Now select ‘Advanced Option’. Your ECID number should already be there, and make sure ‘Location’ is set to ‘Cydia’

4. Now just click on ‘Save My SHSH’ and wait a few seconds ( around 4-5 seconds )

5. That’s it. Done deal…