iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2 Brings Safari, Mail, Video And Audio Playback To The iPad Simulator

Today, Apple released iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 2 which comes with a few visible improvements. The iPad simulator now features the Safari.app, Mail.app – which is hidden – , video and audio playback.

Safari.app has its on place on the dock, but it has a blank icon. If you load Safari, you can browse pages as you normally would and you can also drag videos and music onto the simulator and play them.

On video playback ( we played our own video downloaded from youtube in .mp4 format ) , we could get the controls only if we scrolled way down on the screen ( in landscape view ). Because the video is lacking quality, we had to get into full screen mode, to get the controls display right.

Now the mail app was a little bit trickier to find, but it seems that if you click to any mailto: link, it will pop-up. Of course you can’t send emails via the simulator since the app isn’t linked to any external mail account.

Remember that we showed you in the previous iPad simulator was triggering the camera ( here, here, here and here ) ? Well it seems that there was just a glitch in the SDK, and now Apple fixed it. Or was it…