Steve Jobs Presenting The iPad With A Built-in Cam

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So far we showed you showed you SDK hints ( here and here ) that the iPad had a camera, and we also told you that the architecture of the iPad is similar to the MacBook and features an iSight camera. But when Steve shows you the cam, there no room for doubt anymore.

Just a few minutes ago, we got an intriguing tip from Gianluca that said ” iPad cam: 9:22 of keynote ” . Downloaded the keynote right away, and guess what?

Uncle Steve , while showing the iPad to everybody present, is moving the device at an angle where you can see the ambient sensor reflect.

The only problem is that you can see one at the top of the device( iSight ) and one on the side of it.

We all know that Steve is a visionary and my guess is that he loves get inspiration from vintage Sci-Fi movies. And since this year at CES everybody presented a 3D television, 3D projector , 3D anything… maybe they were testing some 3D video technology for the iPad?

P.S: just so we can avoid all the “this is photoshop’d” stuff. Check it for yourself. Watch the keynote , minute 9:22/9:23. Check it frame by frame while Steve is showing the iPad 🙂

[thx Gianluca via widget]

Later edit

Mission repair, is posting some more realistic pictures of the iPad frame and , the iPad has a camera hole the exact size as a MacBook.

[thx Joey]