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More Speculation On iPad Camera Pulled Out At The Last Minute

Yesterday, after testing some apps with the iPad simulator, we got some interesting results that let us believe the iPad had a cam but it was pulled out at the last minute just like the iPod Touch 3G , last year. Before that, while playing with the iPad simulator included in the new iPhone SDK 3.2 , we discovered that even though the iPad lacks a cam, the interface was letting you trigger the cam which could mean, that there is a glitch in the SDK being just a beta, or it is the iTouch 3G episode all over again.

Based on the pic above, it seems that the iPad was originally planed with a iSight-ish cam. As you can see the structure is similar to the MacBook, but even this can’t actually prove nothing. This is just a speculation ( too many already ), and we can only hope that v2.0 will include a cam, and by the time v2.0 will be out, 3rd party cams will be released.

[via MacBidouille]