If The SDK Does Not Lie, We Are 100% Sure That The iPad Had A Cam

At first the SDK and iPad simulator made us believe that the iPad had a camera but it was pulled out at the last minute. Later we got hold of some picture that presented the structure of the iPad which seems to be similar to the MacBook, so basically the iPad was originally planed with a iSight-ish cam. The SDK is revealing the truth.The iPad had a camera.

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So , what are you seeing in the pictures above? The highlighted line of code is running a check, as the app opens, and it is checking to see if a camera exists on a device, because (at least until now) if you tried to open a camera on a device that didn’t have one (iTouch) it would crash.

So, for safety sake, u are supposed to call that if statement, to in fact check that a camera exists and if it returns true, you are allowed to open the camera.If u were to run that on a iTouch/or the simulator it returns false (Iike it also should for the iPad).But instead, the iPad thinks it has a camera.

Why did Apple pull the cam, we have no idea. It would’ve been a fantastic Skype device. But then again, we have no idea why Apple pulled it out from the iTouch 3G.