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iPad Built-in Cam Pulled Out At The Last Minute?

Do you remember the iTouch 3G episode when everybody expected to feature a built-in cam? It turned out that the iTouch 3G was suppose to have a cam, but it was pulled out in the last minute. It is a possibility that the iPad is no different.

Trying out a couple of apps on the iPad simulator – apps that trigger the cam – the simulator displays the camera with no questions asked, and it even lets you choose pictures from the library. The iPhone simulator on the other hand , is checking your hardware and, if coded, displays a pop up that says no camera. If not coded will just hang the application.

This can easily be a glitch that wasn’t checked out, but based on previous experience, we might be assisting at another iTouch 3G moment all over again. On the other hand, it might invite 3rd party developers to create badass cams for the device.