iPhone 3Gs: Free Tethering With Vodafone Australia

While US iPhone users are still waiting for AT&T to announce when tethering will be available to them,  Vodafone Australia announced that they will offer tethering at no extra charge, starting right when the iPhone 3GS launches there on Friday, June 26, courtesy of Vodafone. The offer is their attempt to beat the competition, Optus, which also will be carrying the 3GS.

The 16GB 3GS will be available for free to those who sign up for their $69/month plan for 24 months, which includes $400 of calls and 1GB of data. The 32GB model will also be free for those signing up for a $114 per month plan with unlimited calls and 2GB of data.

Tethering will be enabled for all users at no extra charge, but Vodafone will be offering the ability to add on an extra 1GB for $24.95 or 2GB for $29.95 in case they run out, starting August 2009.

Below are tables showing the official lists of Vodafone Australia:



Business Subscription

The fineprint  at the bottom of the page states that there will be no additional monthly fee for Tethering which, however, will be included in the plan chosen by the customer. As of August 2009, Vodafone Australia will provide tariff plans designed to get the Tethering.