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iPhone 3Gs Costs Apple $179

When the latest iPod Shuffle cam out, BusinessWeek found out that it costs Apple just $21.77 while you pay $79. This time,  iSuppli calculated the real production cost of  iPhone 3GS and the figure amounts to $ 179. In particular, there are 172 dollars of the various chips and materials, which are $ 179 with $ 6.50 for labor.

The assessment is slightly higher than the firm’s estimate of $174.33 to manufacture the original 8Gbyte iPhone 3G based on pricing in July 2008 when that handset first hit the market. These estimates do not include other charges, such as the costs to develop the iPhone’s software, shipping and distribution, packaging, royalty fees and miscellaneous accessories included with each iPhone.

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The difference in price is justified by the change of the chip on the Broadcom Bluetooth / FM / WiFi. As for the 16GB flash memory this year Apple has managed to buy a $ 24, a price obviously lower than last year. Below you will find all the components and their money:

Obviously this price is only for the cost of production and materials. Then be added to patents, the studies for research, advertising, distribution and more.

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[ via AppleInsider ]