Installous Scam on Twitter

Remember that yesterday i’ve presented you Crackulous Scam On Twitter ? Well… new day , the same story. But this time is not about Crackulous , its about Installous. It’s the same page, but not the same domain name.  Same price, same paypal address. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT!!!! What’s next, Cydia?

As of right now Installous is not free. You may come across websites that claim to have a free version of Installous but these versions have viruses which log all your information including passwords, phone numbers, contacts, and send it to people so it’s best to stay away from these shady copies. A lot of hard work and development went in to making this brilliant application. It would be unfair if it was given for free. Right now this application costs only $10 for a limited time and this is a GREAT BARGAIN so buy it today from the Buy Installous page. Later it will be going up to $20. This application is in hot demand.