Crackulous Scam On Twitter

I would like to start this post with some !#@$!# !#@$!%$ @~#@##!$#!$ words. But i wont, because , now, everything is fixed.At least im hoping that my tweet got to everybody and it was a wake up call.

So basically , i got up this morning, smile with the rising sun and i saw that Crackulous is following me on twitter. Wicked!!! Followed him/her/it back and trying to start a conversation with the mighty dev. Little did i know, that this was a scam.

This is basically what happend on twitter between me and the fake crackulous dev :

So basically, he didnt reply. For a while the link was a 404, but now it seems that the link is back up. They even got a ” Limited time Crakulous promotion! ”

We understand that the economy is going through a tough time so for a limited time Crackulous is being sold for $10. This offer is ending very soon so buy now if you want it. After this time Crackulous will be sold for $20 which is still a good deal.

To buy Crackulous just send $10 through PayPal to crackulous[@] You will receive the Crackulous download within 24 hrs and a guide that shows you how to use it.

First of all, if you visit hackulous forums there a big red warning that says this :

The quick and dirty: Crackulous was developed right here on our forum, on our SVN server. Anyone selling Crackulous or claiming to be the developer is trying to scam you. The official Cydia repository to get Crackulous is Crackulous is and will always be FREE SOFTWARE. It has had NO OTHER developers but SaladFork and Angel, with contributions from Uncon

Second of all if you didnt know, or you forgot , i will remind you :

Crackulous is a  open source software.

And third and really important : This is an app that cracks applications. By definition cracking is illegal. Really?!?!? Buy it “legally”.