HowTo: Use PurpleSn0w: GeoHot Releases iPhone SIM Unlock

GeoHot decided to get serious and pursue his little battle “against” the DevTeam by releasing PurpleSn0w on Cydia, a hack that replaces ultrasn0w and can remove the SIM-Lock the iPhone 3Gs.

GeoHot says that his solution is far better than the DevTeam because this is not a daemon running in the background, no task is inactive on your Baseband. Is a solution much closer to a complete hack and does no more than three files patch Native: CommCenter, lockdownd and plist that regulates the activation of the SIM. Do not install additional files and then read it is, preserving the battery consumption.

PurpleSn0w can be installed only on the iPhone 3Gs and used to unlock the phone with any SIM card. If you are using ultrasn0w on your 3Gs and want to use PurpleSn0w, you can follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you have activated a 3Gs regularly with the original SIM
  • Settings> General> Network> and turn off the 3G
  • Run Cydia, select the Manage tab then Sources> Edit> Add and type this address:
  • Wait for the refresh, go to Changes, and install the package called “com.geohot.purplesn0w”
  • Once the install is complete you wont have to restart your iPhone, and you can insert a SIM from any carrier

NOTE: you dont have to install this if you dont have a locked iPhone 3Gs ( like if you bought it from Italy or Australia ). DO NOT INSTALL THIS ON A iPhone 3G.

GeoHot issued documentation on the operation of his hack, which you can read here. Meanwhile, Twitter is a “battlefield”.

MuscleNerd (member of the DevTeam) continues to exchange messages with George. The first says that the Baseband has only 8MB of RAM and when running purpleSn0w , the process is mapping more than 1 MB, which represents a sort of danger. In the second message instead says that during the release a lot of battery is used as many times you run the same paylod but GeoHotz immediately responds by saying that the installation of purplesn0w is not necessary to use a daemon, users will only benefit (in terms of battery) than ultrasn0w.

It seems that the war continues and as usual the DevTeam method is more focused on safety and cleanliness than while Hotz method is a faster hack but also more light.