AT&T and iPhone Visual Voicemail Issues

My insider at AT&T dropped me an email today to let me know about some issues that they are facing with. Now since i don’t live in the US, and dont even have visual voicemail, this is not something that i should worry about, but i thought you would like to know, and dont waste your time to call them and see whats the problem. This is what he told me:

We have come accross an issue with customers on AT&T that have changed there carrier file in the phone to enable internet tethering. The issue is that when changing this file it is breaking there visual voicemail.

The visual voicemail will no longer connect. The issue is that the new profile has the wrong apn installed for the visual voicemail platform. to fix this. Need to go to settings>general>network>cellualr data network>change the apn under Visual voicemail to acds.voicemail

If the user does not have this option then they will have to find another method of updating the carrier file to give this access. May be found in the carrier setting that enables the MMS. I have mms and it is availble on my phone.

We have been getting over 20 tickets a day where the customers have done this to there phone and it stopped working. If the user is not able to fix there carrier profile then they would have to try to contact apple to find out how.

Hopes this clears any issues for users are wondering why the visual vm has stopped working for them.