The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week

There has been a lot of talk around here, about Flash and multitasking, and if its really necessary. Do we really need it, and what would it be useful for? Jailbreaking gives the savvy iPhone user multitasking and with a few plugins, even flash has been possible. So I started really thinking about it.Is Apple holding us back? Or do they know something, like when your parents told you not to jump off of that balcony into the pool, but you did, and it was a rush, but you also impacted water up your rear. So we decided to break it all down, and take one for the team.

I am going to restore back to stock firmware for a week, only using apps from the iTunes app store, and any tweaks I can do without jailbreaking, and see what life is like with out a jailbreak. I will not use xCode to make any tweaks or add ons that a regular iPhone user couldn’t do just to keep it simple. I am a legit AT&T user, so I’m not going to be debating the unlock portion of the necessity of the jailbreak. And won’t even get into the cracked app thing. Everybody knows its wrong, but everybody has their own moral compass.

I use my iPhone a lot. For way more than just a phone. VNC, chat, movies, music, writing articles, weather, news,stocks, you get my drift. I’m also an iPhone Developer,not a real good one mind you, but I have few apps on the app store and in Cydia, as well. From the get go, I know what I’ll miss the most. I get a lot of texts and IM’s that are forwarded to text, and I bounce back and forth from BiteSMS and iRealSMS 3.0 and really don’t want to be without quick reply and quick compose. That alone, is, in my opinion, worth the jailbreak. I also use 3G unrestrictor quite a bit to make Skype calls when traveling and to talk to people outside the country. But Apple is loosening there strangle hold on that. Well AT&T is…or both depending on how you read the rumors. ProSwitcher and backgrounder are pretty useful in my day to day routine, but I may be just fine in that aspect. I’m not a big themeing guy, and kind of prefer the stock icons most of the time.

I use quite a few Jailbroken apps, some are used everyday, and some sit quietly just waiting to be used. I won’t make along list here, but I will document along the way, on which apps, and tweaks, I miss along the way.

Luckily for me, I have been saving my hash files, both locally and with Saurik, and like the Dev Team says, once Jailbroke always Jailbroke, so I am free to move back and forth thru the different firmwares. I will be going to a stock 3.1.2 mainly because 3.1.3 offers nothing new, and I want my baseband to be on 5.11, for after this experiment is over, I still like having the option of unlocking. And who knows when and if they’ll figure out 5.12

I wish I could make a screen capture of all this…but ScreenSplitr is a jailbreak thing…man I miss it already. But everyday, the experience will be journaled on FSM.  Seven days without a jailbreak makes one week. Couldn’t resist the pun.

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