The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week – Day 4

I made it over the hump, 4 very long days of no jailbreak. Not sure how others that upgrade to quick and lose they jailbreak deal with it. Thankfully I can go back as soon as this experiment is over. And go back I will. Back to all the time saving and time wasting of the jailbreak. Makes me warm inside. Just kidding, but the jailbreak thing is defiantly a good thing.

On to my daily findings. Battery life. I kind of mentioned it yesterday. Battery life is no better or worse with or with out the jailbreak. I was using winterboard and plenty other mobile substrate add ons, so this is kind of shocking to me. Sometimes I think I have the 3.1.2 battery percentage error, but then It just smooths out. Ram usage is about the same as well. The one downfall is that I can’t make the iPod app close out on stock firmware. Apple took that away from devs that had apps in the app store, like free memory and iStat. So there it sits, hogging memory.

Another little rant, and not aimed at Apple. When will Skype update their app? No one makes a reliable Skype fetching IM app that will also call over 3G. Fring will make the calls, but is about as flakey as my moms apple pie crust. And IM+ gets about 3 stars with connectivity, but that maybe with the Skype API, but it doesn’t make calls. At least with 3G unrestricted, I could background the Skype app and get my calls and Chats. Come on Skype…Apple said its cool, AT&T said its cool…help a brother out? This would be a moot point with Cydia around.

Even though I do’t really use to many themes, the one I did use, Plaza, I am starting to miss. The nice green gradient, the icons, just a little to set it apart from the other 5 million iDevices out there. Well, at least the 20 or so a day I see. Which I can’t even show off all the cool features to, until I get back to the jailbreak.

If this doesn’t convince people to chop off that itchy upgrade finger, then they deserve to be with out the jailbreak. Not really, I’m just kind of touchy on the subject after 4 days.

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