The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week – Day 2

Well, pretty much a rehash of day one..the absence of QuickReply is maddening. Had the day off, and was bombarded with text and IM’s…and since I was mobile just didn’t reply a lot. I think I missed out on somethings. I think if Apple could put this in iPhone 4.0 it would be winner.

I must’ve swiped the status bar a dozen times to bring up SBSettings for a quick respiring, and to check and clear any unused apps. Wow! surprise! not there..stock you dummy

I even needed to tether once yesterday, to send a Beta of one of my apps to the DropBox, but had to wait till I found free WiFi, which in my area isn’t really that hard.

All in all, kind of a boring day with the phone, and I found myself just not responding to emails and texts as they came in. My productivity is way down. Almost like by not enabling some of these features, Apple has slowed my work flow down some, instead of speeding up. Not really sure if thats a good thing or bad thing.

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