FireCore Drops Media Player 0.6 For AppleTV 2

The guys at FireCore just dropped a brand new version of Media Player for the AppleTV 2 which comes with some new features and fixes. Head over the jump to see what’s new in v0.6 and how to update

What’s new in version 0.6?

  • Added AC3 and DTS (5.1+ surround) sound
  • Added access to DVD menus during playback (press menu)
  • Added low buffer detection warning (prevents stuttering)
  • Improved playback of larger files
  • Improved buffering and re-buffering (when required)
  • Improved FF/RW controls for larger files
  • Improved audio decoding performance
  • Improved center channel (voices) audio mixing
  • Improved DVD file playback
  • Improved file sorting logic
  • Improved performance and memory management
  • Improved error handling
  • Resolved DVD subtitle issues
  • Resolved stalls observed with some files during and after FF/RW
  • Resolved synchronization issues observed after buffering some files
  • Resolved audio synchronization issues
  • Resolved rare floating crash observed at the end of some files
  • Resolved resume related playback issues
  • Resolved various screensaver related issues
  • Local files are now hidden when one or more remote shares are setup
  • Minor metadata fetching improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

How do I get it?

  • Media Player 0.6 can be installed on your ATV2 through the Maintenance –> Manage Extras menu.