HUD Controls Plus: Customize And Add Cool Features To The HUD

New day, new tweak in Cydia: HUD Controls Plus. HUD Controls Plus is the perfect tweak to customize and add cool features to your HUD. You can enable or disable the tweak and you can also: enable or disable the HUD View; setting a custom title for the HUD and its color.

You can do the same for the subtitle’s HUD. You can enable “Song & Artist” and you’ll be able to see what song and artist are you playing. Another function is “Artwork”. With that option you’ll can see in your HUD the Artwork of the song or the album which are you playing.

You can enable also a Brightness HUD, or you can set hour or date to your HUD (even with the color you want) and you can enable also a “Transparent HUD”. Doing a double tap to your HUD, you can: see the lyrics of the song you’re playing, write a new mail, write a new message or do a new call. You can also open the app you want.

After installation, configure HUD Controls Plus from

HUD Controls Plus is available for $1 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…