Creamsn0w: iPhone Jailbreak/Unlock Without The Fluff.

Ever just wanted to unlock your iPhone, but don’t need all the 3rd party apps? All of your needs taken care of in the official iTunes app store? All, that is, except the need to use a non-supported carrier. In our day-to-day hunt, we came across this. Creamsn0w is a jailbreaking alternative for those people who want an unlock/jailbreak but with out all the extras. This is for people that don’t want themes, or that say no to the buggy, sometimes poor quality apps that come from places like Cydia and Icy.

This is for people that just want their iPhone unlocked with out all the extra fluff, ready to go from the first boot. You could also choose to add all you 3rd party apps manually, later, and install using terminal(for those do-it-yourself types). The device will look, at first glance, like a regular plain vanilla iPhone, that’s officially unlocked. Now this isn’t quite as easy as just hitting the start button on, say redsn0w, pwnagetool or blackra1n.

But, it’s not that difficult. Every thing can be found here over at the Spooky,yet posterous Blog.Creamsn0w always uses the most current Mobile Substrate and ultrasn0w releases, so everything will be up to date, if you decide you want some apps that are dependent on these. You are still dependent on the baseband for the unlock, so this is not an unlock for those out of the box iPhones on 3.1 and later.

Many jailbreak only because they need ultrasn0w or purplesn0w to unlock their mobile. They have no interest in the apps found in Cydia, the majority of which are of poor quality. Furthermore Cydia installs many dependencies, including an entire UNIX subset. I find Cydia ugly, buggy, and slow. Using it feels like an unpolished Linux distribution more than the pretty and usable iPhone OS version of Mac OS X. Personally, I experienced instabilty just with Cydia installed by itself. Additionally, Cydia encourages installation of said poor quality themes and apps that will most likely result in the need to restore.