CategoriesSB: Now A Faster Categories App

We’ve all heard of categories for your iDevice, right? It adds the ability to put apps into folders, within the and thus, hide the apps from the springboard. Effectively making a very clean home page with only as many icons showing as you have folders or “categories”. The problem has been, you tap the category folder, and it’s slow to open, then you still have to open the app inside.

This leads us to CategoriesSB. SB for springboard. This new paid app($.99) in the Cydia store, from the BigBoss repo, adds a fast launching hook to the springboard, so that it doesn’t need to run in the background(with backgrounder). It integrates itself into the so the folders open almost instantly. It supports icon badges, and you can even make a category called Recents and it will keep track of the most recent 16 apps you have used. All you have to do is tap your “category” to open and the Home button to close.

There are no settings, as of this time, for this app. You still need to add and delete and rearrange apps from within the It also does not support web clips.