CodeName: iProd. The New Apple TV…

Back in August 2009, a beta release of firmware 3.1 revealed the codename of next Apple product: ‘iProd’. At the time, everybody thought iProd is the codename for the yet to be released Apple tablet ( iPad ) , but soon everything got even more confusing when Apple secretly filmed a TV spot for ‘a new and mysterious product’ ( probably iProd ).

Well, over 1 year later, we got the confirmation: iProd is actually the new Apple TV. TUAW notes:

We’ve received a tip from an iPhone developer who was looking through the USB device configuration list in the new iOS 4.2 beta. Our source found the fascinating configuration descriptor shown above. Noted as iProd in the device configuration, this slip shows that this instance of iProd is the new Apple TV, not a new, unannounced iPad.