Apple Secretly Shoots TV Spot For a New and Mysterious Product! iProd ?!?!?

Yesterday, Apple secretly filmed a new spot on a product not yet sold, which should be released in September.Shots were shot in Truckee, California, at “Jax at the Tracks” restaurant.  Journalist or photographers were not allowed , so pretty much, there is no information about it.

This can only raise one question: What could this product be? The spot is shot in a restaurant, right? Maybe an iFork, iKnife, iSoup? No i dont think so. Could it be related to the iProd product? Remember that we’ve talked about it a couple of days ago?

This iProd “thingy” ,looks a lot like an iPhone or iTouch in the diagrams. The user would first answer questions about their nutrition and health history, which allows it to work out a personalised fitness program.

Keyword in the statement above: “nutrition” . So, “nutrition” vs “restaurant” hmmm… something may connect. Stay tuned… FSMdotCOM will keep you posted.