Clippy – Copy and Paste for iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia. It is called Clippy and its still in Beta. The app crashed my iPhone, so i wont review it for you. My friend iRoc did an amazing job reviewing this app. I think that he should be reviewing more apps for FSMdotCOM. What do you think ? 😀

What’s that? Well it’s the copy and paste function that Apple left out of the iPhone’s OS? Well fret no more, because there’s a new app in Cydia that’s out to fix this problem for you. Clippy Beta is it what the Dr. ordered?

To get Clippy Beta you will need a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia  installed. Open Cydia.

Look in Changes.

You will be taken to the apps page.

Click install and then confirm.

Cydia will download and install the app.

When the install is done the Restart Springboard button will appear. Tap it, and then you will see the spinning loader. When the restart is finished you will be taken to the Enter Password screen. (Well if you have your iPhone password protected, and I hope you do)
Do not be alarmed if your iPhone crashes soon after the restart. From those I have discussed Clippy Beta with and myself experienced a crash, but it only happen once.

To use Clippy Beta you can go into any app that has a text input field. Say a contact needs another’s contact info. Like the URL of this blogg. Go into the contact with the needed info.

Click the edit button. Now hold your finger over the cursor until the monocle to pop up.

Next slide your finger over the text you wish to copy.

When you remove your finger the text will be high lighted. Tap the numbers key on the keyboard. When the alternate keyboard shows you will see two new buttons slide up from behind the keyboard. Tap the copy button. The copied text will now magically show up in the clipboard to the right of the two new magical buttons.

When you tap the alphabet button the new buttons will slide back behind the keyboard again. Now you can go into you SMS or mail app and paste the URL into the text input field.

Now if your friend is receiving the SMS on a smart phone they can tap the URL to be taken straight to the web site.

You can also use the new high light text function to cut or delete chunks of text. It makes for faster editing of text, than repeatedly tapping the back key.

Is Clippy Beta perfect? No it’s  not perfect but it’s a good start!
Clippy Beta is just that a beta. Rated-R the author says there will be an update in a couple of days. He answered all my support questions quickly, concisely and politely. Clippy Beta does not function in Mobile Safari. Rates-R is quite aware if this, and working on it.

Over all it functions well and brings a much needed function to the iPhone.