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iPhone/iPod acSEXsory For The Ladies

All day , here on FSMdotCOM, we talk about geeky aspects of the iPhone or iPod touch , which is awesome but somehow i neglect all the ladies that are reading this blog. Well, today i found a way to repay you. Kinda taboo , depending on you, but i think you would like it.

When your out and having fun with your girls in clubs , everybody is trying to hit on you, but the fact is that there is only one man ( or girl for you ) while you be clubbing : the dj. Because he/she is playing that music that you like and makes you dance the night trough.

So lets get to the point. OhMiBod is a vibrator. Not any vibrator, but one that you can hook up to your iPod or iPhone and it will rock your world while listening to your favorite songs. It comes with a “sleeve” if you want to make it thicker and it got 7 speeds. Once attached to your iPod or iPhone, it will start responding to the pulsation and the beat of your tunes. So the only thing you need to figure out , it’s the “perfect playlist”. Have fun!