Animoto for iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you ever used animoto? If you didnt, dont worry i will show you how to use it and have some fun with it. Using animoto you can create all sorts of slideshows, holiday greetings and all sorts of cool stuff right away.So im reallllly reallllly happy that this is now available for the iPhone.

How to do it? Let me show you :

Once you load the app you will need to tap on Create Video and choose the pictures that you like and than click next.

In the next window you can rearrange the photos and delete them like you would do with the icons on your springboard.

Next window : choose a soundtrack for your slideshow. Choose a song from a variety of genre and songs.

Once all that is done, just tap Create Video and wait a few minutes .

When the video is done you will have some options what you can do with it. ( btw nothing will be stored on your device… everything is done and stored on animoto’s servers ). I can describe all the options that you will get when the video is done, but they are straight forward and i will just waist your time and mine by doing so.

You can get this app for free from the appstore here

I WOULD LOVE if you will share with me and the other readers your animoto master pieces. 😀