Alternate Web Browser: Excellent Alternative To MobileSafari on iPhone and iPod Touch

Alternate Web Browser is an excellent browser for iPhone and iTouch that you can use as an alternative to Safari. AltBrowser’s speed is exactly the same, because this application is based on the same WebKit Framework, but it offers some interesting features that the native browser is missing.

As you can see in the vid above, this is pretty much identical with MobileSafari, with a couple of differences. You will find some options in the menu at the bottom of the screen that might be very useful for many of you:

  • Add Bookmark – bookmark the page
  • Private Browsing – browse web pages w/o saving the data in cookies or in history
  • Clear Cookies – delete your cookies
  • Lock Auto Rotation – stop the automatic rotation of the screen. Lock the browser or in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Enter Full Screen – well… enter full screen.

You can find Alternate Web Browser in the iTunes appstore for $0.99

[thx Andrea]