One More Thing: AT&T iPhone Exclusivity Will End This Wednesday [Rumor]

Ever since the iPhone was released, there were constant complaints about AT&T. During my wonderful internet journey in the past couple of years, i met tens of people that told me they want an iPhone, but they just won’t buy one because of AT&T ( of course there are other ways to get an iPhone… ) .There were a lot of rumors about a Verizon iPhone,  but nobody knows for sure when this AT&T iPhone exclusivity will end. Nobody , except HotHardware?

It seems that AT&T is sick and tired of the bad publicity and will share the fun with any other carrier while they embrace other platforms. Will we see, a AT&T-less iPhone on the 27th? Personally, i highly doubt it but nothing is impossible. Uncles Steve always has “one more thing” to say. Why do i highly doubt it? As i said a couple of days ago on our facebook page :

Since GSM is default in Europe and mostly around the world, i doubt Apple will release a GSM iPhone AND a CDMA iPhone in the same time. It might release a CDMA one later, but mos def not both of them in the same time.

Oh yeah… and AT&T offers no hints or comments. You really think they will release this gold fish? When they got the iPhone, they had 3 wishes, and AT&T’s last wish was to have 3 more wishes.  I don’t know, we’ll see…..

[thx Chris, iNinjaPro, MacMan, Joey and Christina]