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Gdrive: Google Documents Storage Service, Allows You To Store Any Type Of Files

After a first phase of beta testing, Google has finally launched its new Gdrive, online storage service. It allows you to store online any type of file easily and quickly


The service supports all file types that does not exceed 250MB in size. All you have to do is load Google Documents ( create account if needed ) and click the “Upload” button.

You can also upload multiple files or stop and resume the upload. When your upload is done, Google will recognize the file type and will provide access through dedicated service. Documents can be automatically converted using Google Documents.

Of course, you can share files with other users by providing a simple direct link or and email attachment. This change, according to some rumors, could lead to a new online music streaming service, with a reference to upload audio files, or to a direct connection between YouTube and videos uploaded to Google Documents.

With Apple’s MobileMe, the new Google service can be seen exactly as an Apple iDisk. Users have 1GB free online storage space, which can be extended to 20GB for as little as $5 / year. This is as good as it gets, but if you still not satisfied, it can always get better. There always the DropBox option, which is free, and you can always increase your storage space for free. ( you can always pay dropbox for more online storage )

Google is most definitely attacking Apple from every direction. They drop similar but competitive services for low prices, they released their own phone with their own free and open source OS, and they seem to attack Apple on the “on cloud” and music streaming front since all the speculation were made after Apple purchased music streaming service Lala.