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How About a 240GB iPod ?

For me , this means nothing. But i bet many of you will be pretty aroused by this.You can get a 240GB hard disk upgrade from RapidRepair for $294.99 . The good news is that you can sell them your old iPod hard disk and you can save some dolla dolla bills yall.The bad news is that this upgrade is only available for 5th Generation iPod Video devices.Well, you cant have it all…. you just cant.

Compatibility: This will only work in an iPod Video 5th Generation unit. The original iPod Video came in: 30GB, 60GB & 80GB sizes. This drive will not function in: PC’s, iPod Classic, or Zune players. Players other than the iPod Video will only see one platter on the drive. Hopefully there will be an update to fix this issue.