ToneFXs – Customize Every System Sound of Your iPhone

The thing is , well all love and appreciate this wonderful technological jewel : the iPhone. But the truth is that on some levels you lack the ability to express yourself with it. Like how many of you wanted to customize the new text message sound. I bet 99.99% of you. Well it is doable but its just too much work that need to be done, in order to achieve that. And isn’t Apple products the ones that ” ..they just work ” ?

Well let me introduce you today to ToneFXs . This app is a great app that lets you customize your iPhone in the way you want to, make it personal. There are 2 parts in this story. First you need a jailbroken iPhone. Once you got a jailbroken iPhone, download and install ToneFXs via cydia onto your iPhone.Now you need to download the desktop app from Efiko Software ( both for Mac and PC ). Once you’ve completed this two steps, you are basically ready to go.

Plug you iPhone into your computer, lunch the program, browse computer for files, rename your files and send them to your iPhone. As simple as it can get. Once you sent all the sounds to your iPhone,  the files will show up now in your option list. ToneFXs allows you to customize just about every system sound of the iPhone. One thing it can’t do is to assign different texts alrets sounds to every contact. I hope they will work on that, cause that would be badass.

The price is donation-based. You can give anywhere from $5 to $15 on the website, and you’ll receive a serial to plug into the app.

You do need to be aware of the caveat that Efiko puts on their site:

If you are familiar with all the past drama that started with iPhone 1.1, you should know we can’t guarantee this app will work in future iPhone and iTunes software because we don’t know what new lock down measures Apple may add to these upcoming iPhone updates that may prevent ToneFXs from working. Thus, we won’t offer refunds if ToneFXs does not work in future iPhone Software. Apple may decide to prevent this customization for whatever reason, however we doubt it as it’s a whole lot of fun and harmless. Regardless, we enjoy ToneFXs as much as you do and are committed to doing everything in our power to update ToneFXs to work with future iPhone and iTunes software updates just as we have done with iPhoneRingToneMaker.


You might get an error from time to time with various files, but dont worry its not you or your files. Just quit the app and relunch it. THat should fix it.

Happy Customizing


Click Browse Computer and search for audio files on you HDD.

Select an audio file that you like and click open.

1. Thats the slider. It is locked on 15 seconds. You can make it less than 15 seconds if you want to and you can position it where you want. Listen to the tune and decide which 15 seconds of it do you want as a sound on you iPhone and position the slider there.

2. Fade in and Fade out the sound. If you don’t want that just delect them

3. Preview to make sure that is what you want.

4. Send to your phone. Thats it. ToneFXs does it magic super fast and the sound its on your phone.

This is ToneFXs option meniu in your iPhone. Personalize your iPhone. Its about damn time.