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Blackra1n Sent To Beta Testers

Blackra1n, the infamous jailbreaking tool for all iDevices was a little bit delayed for a couple of reasons that we discussed here. Some of you thought that this tool will never be released, and some of you ( also commented on FSMdotCOM ) thought that George got lazy and he didnt want to waste his time no more on fixing the remaining issues.

You have to understand that this guys are working on such tool out of passion but they still got their own life, they are humans after all. Not sure when the tool will be released, but my guess that it will take a maximum of  2 lets say 3 days before the tool hits the mainstream. Really curious which will release first, GeoHot or AppuloHa1l and which will be the winner. Based on my theory, my money is on GeoHot….

Later edit:

AppuloHa1l is watching like a hawk. Don’t want to make any comments about this…. ( my toy is better than your. ha ha )

In related news, p0sixninja , a member of Chronic DevTeam is “jealous” that GeoHot didnt pick him to beta test blackra1n. Who knew that George dont want to let the “enemy” test his tool before release ( since they working on a similar tool ) . I like their names tho… Chronic