SiriProxy Plugin Allows You To Control Your TV With Siri [video]

If you wonder how would a Siri-controlled TV set will influence your life, wonder no more. This new SiriProxy let’s you control a TV using Apple’s Siri and a Dreambox ( you need an enigma 2 compatible dreambox )


  • start tv
  • set tv to standby
  • search for a program of find out when it will air
  • set a timer to record the program
  • get information about whats airing without viewing
  • get information about the next broadcast on a channel
  • next channel in list
  • previous channel in list
  • find out how long a program is still on
  • find out when a program will start
  • search for a program name and automatically switch to correct channel if airing

Learn how to install SiriProxy here. Learn how to install siri proxy plugins here. Download and learn how to configure this plugin here