Flickr Adds Support For Geolocation With Mobile Safari

Today, in an earlier article, FSMdotCOM informed you that Google added support for the service “My Locations” on iPhone OS 3.0 .Yahoo didnt wait too much, and they optimized Flickr ‘s mobile site by adding the geolocation to work with iPhone’s Mobile Safari.

To use this function you only have to load Mobile Safari, go to and click on “NEARBY”  at the top of the page. You will be asked to allow Mobile Safari to use your current location.

That’s it, on the next screen you will be localized and will be able to see amazing stuff from your area. Sadly, pretty much anything that has to do with geolocation, google maps and so on, its not available for my area, so i wont be able to show the all shabang in action.

But im sure you got the idea, and this is not something you cant deal with….